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March 10 2017

March 09 2017

The relentless insistence on happiness has become an emotional burden, says a Danish psychologist Svend Brinkmann — Quartz

“Positive thinking” has turned happiness into a duty and a burden, says a Danish psychologist https://t.co/RFbsSnG5n9

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Homosexualität: Ich bin etwas, was du nicht siehst | ZEITmagazin

Unsere Autorin kann sich unsichtbar machen. Das kann manchmal helfen, meistens fühlt es sich jedoch scheiße an. https://t.co/kAA8mEC8CZ

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March 08 2017

The basics of crypto, in 4.5 pages, using only small words lawmakers can understand / Boing Boing

The basics of crypto, in 4.5 pages, using only small words lawmakers can understand, but obviously not Trump

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March 07 2017


You guys, my friend is on the same plane as Hillary Clinton. Zoom in on the title of the article she's looking at. https://t.co/356oE9uT0s

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March 06 2017

March 05 2017

Mein Versuch, die Basler Zeitung online zu kaufen – Martin Steiger – Medium

Warum Paywalls immer noch nicht funktionieren: @martinsteiger erzählt vom Versuch, einen Artikel online zu kaufen https://t.co/lGUdzHd5h3

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March 04 2017

Snake Oil Warning Signs:Encryption Software to Avoid

The Encryption "Snake Oil" FAQ is 20+ years old, and is broadly as relevant as ever: https://t.co/GPwN1mO4kP https://t.co/8enY5W1Zwb

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NASA just released its 2017 Software Catalog to the Public for Free

"NASA just released a ton of free software for space nerds" via @dailydot https://t.co/egKXcnKim1 #FOSS https://t.co/IzrVJU5Zln

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